Let’s get back to the issues!

Posted in politics at 3:55 pm by Fiona

I’m not any sort of celebrated politico who knows a lot about politics, and you won’t find me posting often about politics. In fact I earnestly hate politics. But this is an important election year, that much I do know since I am about to suffer foreclosure because I cannot sell my house in New York even though it is priced below what I owe on it.

One thing I do know a little bit about is advertising. My first job out of college was working as a media buyer for an advertising agency that represented political candidates as well as product brands. One thing I learned there is all publicity is good, even bad publicity. There really are enough stupid people in this country who will go to the polls and vote without ever really understanding the policies of the candidate who gets their vote. Because of this we need to stop this campaign of bickering about Sarah Palin’s lack of qualifications and stop it now. We’re just giving her publicity and keeping the names of McCain and Palin in front of the ignorant public who will step into the voting booth this November and vote for them because those are the names they are most familiar with, not because those are the candidates whose views represent their ideals.

Let us, instead, extol the great changes that Barack Obama and Joe Biden will bring us. Let us talk endlessly about Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Let us give our voices to keeping their names in the forefront of the public’s thoughts so that when they walk into the polls this November the vote for Obama/Biden because that is who they have heard about the most.