Review: Elantris

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Elantris Elantris by Brandon Sanderson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How refreshing to find a book where the heroine isn’t any of stereotypes. She’s not an orphan, she’s not petite, but what she is is wonderful! And the hero takes so many twists and turns from the stereotypical path to becoming the hero that you’re not entirely sure if he’ll make it or not. It is hard to believe this was Sanderson’s first book because it is so perfect in so many ways. The system of magic is elusive throughout most of the book, to the point where, f it weren’t for the history told therein, you’re not sure if anyone will ever be able to perform it. The villains are menacing, yet one villain’s journey makes him endearing in the end. I have to be careful what I say, because I don’t want to spoil this for anyone. I have to say that this is my most favorite of all Sanderson’s books. Mostly because I identified with Sarene so much, I felt as though Sanderson knew me when he wrote this book and fashioned her after me. So now you’ll know how I see myself, just read Elantris. I am Sarene.