Quote of the day: “keep going”

Posted in Writing at 4:43 pm by Fiona

Have you ever noticed the things you need to hear seem to happen right when you need them? Today I got a rejection letter from an agent. I decided to dig in and do some more agent research and through a series of internet surfing events ended up on Jim Butcher’s site. On his “About Jim” page he has a section titled “How’d Jim Get Published” that contains the most honest and delightful tale of any writer’s journey I’ve ever read. At the end he shares this:  

Here’s the secret of how to get published: keep going.”


He goes on to say: 

“Keep trying when the guy next to you quits in disgust. Keep writing when the girl next to you sobs and throws her manuscripts into the fire. Keep conducting yourself like a professional, and you’ll get someone to believe that you are one.If you’re lucky, maybe even yourself.” 

Some days it just pays to keep going. Especially when the rewards are like this one. Thanks Jim!

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